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Learn more about our focus on sustainability at Backstube by scrolling through our many initiatives aimed at reducing our environmental footprint and becoming the most sustainable bakery chain in Scandinavia.


Our initiatives are aimed at 4 main areas:


(1) Implementing sustainable packaging alternatives and encouraging customers to use them

(2) reducing our food waste to an absolute minimum and becoming leading in our field

(3) Reducing emissions both in our value chain, shops and product offering (e.g. focusing on vegan alternatives)

(4) reducing the unnecessary use of resource use wherever possible - incl. during the construction of our shops.


The great majority of our store interior is made of recycled wood. The rest is made of wood that is FSC certified ensuring that it is produced in a socially, economically and environmentally responsibly way.

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We are continuously increasing our meat & dairy free product sortiment. 35% of our products are vegan, an additional 50% are vegetarian and only 15% contain meat. Backstube is Norway's bakery with (by far) the widest vegan choice.


Our paper bags are made of FSC certified paper ensuring that the paper is produced in a socially, economically and environmentally responsibly way. It can be recycled with paper and carton.


Our take-away cups introduced at the end of 2021 are made of 100% plastic free material and are bio-degradable. We encourage you to not use a lid or dispose responsibly.

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Bringing your own cup is much better than using one-time cups! We encourage you to use our "miljørabatt": You get a 15% discount by bringing and using your own cup.


We encourage using re-usable tote bags by selling them for 15kr, which is our purchase price. Re-using this just 7 times makes it cheaper to use than a plastic bag.


We have started sytematically tracking our CO2 footprint and will start offsetting it from 2022 onwards.


Our tea is not only really good but - of course - also organic and fair trade. Best to enjoy in your own cup!

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Our coffee is roasted by one of Scandinavias oldest family owned roasteries and - of course - rainforest alliance certified protecting both the environment and the rights of workers.


The electricity used in our shops for the baking of products, heating and light is from renewable energy sources only.

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Our rate of leftover food is extremely low - we sell almost all products at 50% off the last 30 min & give away to local charities.


Our cutlery and straws are 100% compostable and we are aiming at becoming completely plastic-free.



We don't stop here but will continue to work on new initiatives aimed at reducing our environmental footprint. More to come...


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